Thursday, March 26, 2015

OC@KU Wins 2015 Open Education Award for Excellence!

It is supremely satisfying to see great work recognized by a respected third party. This week, that happened to the Open College at Kaplan University (OC@KU) when the global Open Education Consortium (OEC) awarded us a 2015 Open Education Award for Excellence and named us as an “Outstanding Site” for open education resources.

By recognizing our website, OEC is calling attention to the “whole” of what we are doing and the integrated nature of our work. OC@KU is a new type of institution, one which wraps its resources around the needs of the learner. We emphasize using free and open resources to maximize breadth and quality while keeping our offerings affordable. To quote the subtitle of Kevin Carey’s recently released book, The End of College, we aim to be “The University of Everywhere,” meeting learners at their point of need and supporting them to reach the destinations they desire.

The OEC’s recognition of this team’s quality work is timely and deeply appreciated. After spending two years developing all aspects of OC@KU, the honors go to our outstanding team, including IT, Marketing, Operations, and the entire Academic Advising team, led by Susan Huggins, Donald Whipple, Carlos Fernandez, and Drew Ross.

For the full list of award recipients, visit


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